Sunday, February 5, 2023

Email programs

Email is here to stay. 

There are numerous apps or programs to view email and depending on your mobile phone, ipad, tablet or desk top computer, some are better than others. 

Do you have multiple email addresses? Some people have a different email address for work or home. I recommend using more than one address. These days one is required to register online for purchases or some reason. If you have an address for infrequent use, it can make it easier to manage spam or private communications. 

I use Yahoo and Gmail free addresses. What program is best to view the email? I have used MS Outlook at home on a computer and work and found it is quite powerful and practical. I don't like MS license subscription style of expense, so I looked for the free programs. I have found a few but currently very happy with Bluemail. It manages multiple email addresses easily with a unified inbox, so you don't miss anything. Some phones have built in email programs like Apple or Samsung, and they work quite well. Bluemail does work on any device.

What are Windows Updates?

What are windows updates?

This applies to Microsoft software - usually running on a laptop or desktop computer (non-Apple).

Until recent versions (like windows 10) many users found the updates time consuming and performance hindering. You can now limit how they are installed and make more pleasant experience.  A few years back the updates would automatically download and install affecting pc speed and performance.  Techos would try stopping them but then had other issues when that failed.  Many users complained that for some reason they had system slow and freezing, not realising that in the background their system was busy applying the updates.

Why do we need them?

Microsoft use these updates to fix bugs and issues that were found from time to time.  How it became the "norm" to do this is a mystery to me.  Many debates have argued it is unnecessary.  I feel that MS deem them necessary at the expense of the naive pc user - imposing a poor system on them in the first place.  Why wasn't the system perfect out of the box - but this a separate debate.

How can we stop them?

W10 and W11 now have switches where you delay these updates for a more than four weeks.  This is handy if you are having an important zoom meeting or presentation and do not have the patience for windows updates consuming your power and performance at a critical time.  You can't stop them indefinitely, but the pause button is handy.

Fonts for old eyes

I have purposely created the posts in larger (medium) Arial font to standardise on easier to read text. Nice to see what is going on? 😎

The Be Connected Learning Platorm

The Be Connected Learning Platform is sponsored by the Federal Government Department of eSafety and can be found at

On this site you can find free online courses and resources designed for seniors but can be used by anyone to learn about various topics associated with the use of phones, tablets and computers.

If you want to keep track of your progress, you can sign-up (i.e. create yourself an account).  If you just want to check out what is available, you can just browse the topics and do the tutorials on those of interest to you.

Be Connected also provides, resources, including grants from the Australian Government. to organisations (Network Partners) across the country who run free digital mentoring services for seniors. Living Connected has been a Network Partner since the program started in 2017. If you are a learner, make sure you don't go the Be Connected Network Partner website which is different from the learning platform.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Living Connected web site

 The web address for more information is 

Mygov has a new application

There is a new Mygov app, that at last, simplifies connection.  It can be set-up so all you need is a pin and connects easily to singular inbox.  In the past too many steps - to see, for example Centrelink or Medicare mail.  Link shows info.  The app does allow complex digital log on, but I believe unnecessary to make more complicated particularly for users frustrated trying to simply see new notifications from Mygov. 

The app can be downloaded below. 

What should I put into my blog


What should I use blogging for?

You can write about anything that interests you, for example your hobbies.
Blogging is an easy economical way of publishing on the internet. 

You don't really need an audience, but things may interest other people or family.   

Why not publish your family tree and invite contributions from you relatives? 

Perhaps you may find a relative that has an interesting story to tell, and descendants would gain insight by reading up.  

These days it is relatively easy to follow your family tree with many online sites having free information or subscription type fees to dig into your past.  There are courses and online training available if you are interested.  There are also software programs (apps) available that help you format and track information.  Follow the free options first and resist costly options if you can (depending on your budget).

Log a blog


Ipad or tablet or computer

Which device should I use?

This is a common question but actually depends on you. Depending on what you feel is important to you. Do you have a budget? Did someone give you a mobile phone, tablet or iPad? Do you want to Google items or use email?  Do you want to print out information?

These days you do not necessarily need a large box computer sitting on a desk. We now have many options and the innovation of smaller screens like Ipads or tablets.  Mobile phones can also be used for the same tasks. Often you find a debate on what is better.  Some people are more comfortable with Apple or Samsung products, but each have their own quirks and learning challenges. Desktop computers are powerful but numerous brands and configurations. Printing often is easier but again challenging from tablets or phones.  

Friday, February 3, 2023

Living connected information

This blog is designed for sharing information between helpers and clients.  Often there are new and more effective ways of doing stuff.  Living Connected helpers/trainers aim to simplify tasks and educate on devices to make technology available to those that want help.

Living Connected

Email programs

Email is here to stay.  There are numerous apps or programs to view email and depending on your mobile phone, ipad, tablet or desk top compu...